Postpartum Doula

As a Postpartum Doula it is my job to help you feel supported in whatever decision you make. To give you what knowledge and resources I have. 

POSTPARTUM Doula rates and General info:

Newborn - 3 months: $30 an hour

3 months and up: $25

Multiples: $35-$40

Visits are done in 4 hour increments. 

Due to health reasons I cannot be in an environment where there is smoking. 



Listen to Moms concerns and answer any questions with evidence based information

Non-Judgmental support

Help with newborn care

Help with Moms postpartum care

Light Houskeeping

Light meal work 

Sibling integration

Breastfeeding/Bottlefeeding support and education



I Can help you:

Feel confident as a new parent

Feel Empowered

If you're breastfeeding, have greater success at it

Find local resources

Get more rest

Bond with your baby(ies)